Danel Drilling Ltd. specializes in various methods of advanced drilling techniques. We provide the best solutions for our clients based on their needs. The following is a list of our services:

CFA Drilling
CFA (Continuous Flight Augur) drilling is recommended for driving piles, or drilling a support structure in unstable ground. This method utilizes a spiral drill that is inserted into the earth. Upon reaching the desired depth, cement is injected through a hollow tube in the center of the drill. Poured with extreme pressure, the cement fills the pile. The cast is ready after the drill is withdrawn and a reinforced cage is inserted into the cement.

This is one of the most advanced drilling methods in the world, and requires no protective tubes or bentonite mix. This method is also environmentally friendly since it does not contaminate natural resources such as groundwater.

Deep-Foundation Walls
This technique is used to protect a site or a pit by drilling piles that are adjacent to one other with 5 to 10 centimeter interval from one reinforced structure to the next. The drilled piles create a wall that prevents the soil from sliding into the protected site or pit. This method is one of Danel's main areas of expertise.

Standard Dry Drilling
Standard drilling can reach any depth or diameter, using M-130 and M-150 machines.

Bentonite Wet Drilling
This type of wet drilling uses a solution of bentonite powder and water. This heavy solution is poured into the pile throughout the drilling process. The bentonite level keeps the stability of the pile. When the sand sinks, iron and hollow thermal tubes are inserted into the pile and concrete is poured in.

Track Machine Drilling
A track machine is a small drilling machine that can drill a pile of any diameter up to 19 meters in depth. The track machine can drill in difficult and complicated conditions: under electrical cables, within buildings, sheds, yards, or wherever a standard drilling machine cannot reach.

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